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After earning her PhD in Marketing at the University of Alberta, Dr. Smirnov started her professional career at Whittier College in the Los Angeles area. She genuinely loves LA and has for years, so the job offer was a dream come true.

(P.S.: despite getting a degree from a Canadian school, she’s not Canadian. American students, you’re encouraged to check out Canadian programs! They’re of very high quality and yet fly largely under the radar of students from the States.)

Dr. Smirnov earned a BA in Business Administration from the College of Idaho, with a concentration in Marketing and minors in German Language and Art History, and a MBA from Boise State University. She received her PhD from the University of Alberta under the supervision of John Pracejus.
Coming from a place where it regularly hit -40, cats were the way to go, pet-wise. They don’t need to be walked! Now a dog lies ahead. Other ways to unwind include exploring the city, writing, and wasting time on the Internet.

(Glory to the Alliance.)

Along with many US states and Canadian provinces, Dr. Smirnov has traveled to the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Greece. This is a short list and she wants to expand it! Chile, Japan, and Germany all look enticing.

College of Idaho

Boise State University

University of Alberta

Dr. Smirnov has spent her life in western North America and lives up to a lot of the stereotypes. She’s a snob about what counts as a mountain, lives in jeans, and has a list of favorite foods from up and down the coast. (Salmon, halibut, sourdough bread, huckleberries, coffee.)

She loves it, but wishes TV weren’t always on a delay.






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